Monday, August 31, 2009

I can’t believe it!
Last time I wrote it was 34 days to go and now there are only eight-teen sleeps left!

Wow! Things are steaming ahead.

Two weeks ago our leather couches, motorcycle and billiard table where still lurking around and now they’re gone!
Thank you Lord – we prayed about everyone of these items and one by one we sold them for reasonable prices.

We even got down on our knees for Phoenix’s unabridged birth certificate and the next day we had it sorted.

We are flying to New Zealand fully legal, we all have the correct passports and visa’s.

The only thing we still need is a good job and we are sorted. Even that won’t be a problem. Why would God drop me now?
I haven’t been unemployed for longer than two months since 1991. Cool.

Phoenix has had his first ever visit to the hospital (ok besides when he was born). Five days ago he was so exited when Melissa and I got home after work that he ran straight into the couch. He smashed his top lip so hard that the weird little piece of skin between your gums and lip ripped in half – Youch! He didn’t cry much and it seems as if it has already healed. I think we had a bigger fright than he did.

He is real piece of work. Not naughty at all and he keeps himself busy by playing with his toys and he loves his Barney Coloring Book.
He will be an artist like his dad – that’s for sure.

On Tuesday our worldly goods were packed by the moving company and sent off to the warehouse where it will be put into a container headed for New Zealand. We’ll probably see our stuff in two or three months time.

Very weird to be in our big empty house. Weird and exciting.

My mother-in-law Estee is visiting and besides her setting off the alarm every other morning we are really enjoying her company.
Watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night – it was, in the words of my mother in law, fair to mediocre.



Coloring with Ouma Estee


All of our boxes in front of our house


In the truck heading off to the container

Phoenix's first trip to Emergency. Melissa had to wear a mask to protect her from swine-flu

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