Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Grey Update

Went to doctor yesterday and my son is 100% healthy!

Just like Phoenix my boy – due in November – is developing exactly as Phoenix, our middle son, did.
It is so cool seeing his little heart beat at 144bpm! We could even see all four heart chambers! He weighs in at a healthy 657g, that is almost 100g more than an average foetus his age (24 weeks).

The Lord is great! I cannot believe that all of us were made in this way. Just being here on earth and breathing is a miracle! Living and surviving inside mom for so long and able to give your first breath – all a miracle.

Thanks Melissa for carrying this child and looking after yourself as well. Us men are so irresponsible – no wonder we were never allowed to carry our children!

Anyway – 50 days to go before we land in New Zealand.



Daniel Grey

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My wife and I are enjoying exciting, and stressful, times.
We are preparing to move to New Zealand in September and have a whole bunch of things to sort out.
We’ve started to sell off most of our material things and we’ll probably only take toys and clothes. The rest we’ll buy on that side. Luckily we’ve sold our cars and the only thing we owe money on is our property and that’s only costing us about R5,000 per month. We’ve saved up quite a bit of money that should last us at least 6 months or more. Cars are cheap in New Zealand and renting is very reasonable. The biggest obstacle is to get our visa’s sorted before we fly on 18 September and of course it would be great if I could land a good job before we leave.

Another headache is to find good, reliable tenants for our plot. Just heard this morning that the one is in a financial crisis and won’t be able to rent much longer. So I’ll need a new tenant from 1 September and we leave on the 18th! My only hope (well, not my only) is my cousin Lila’s husband, Peter. I know he’ll be able to be a good landlord for me.

Things will work out, they always have. The Lord has been with us every step of the way throughout our lives.

I’m really looking forward to the birth of my second son in November. New Zealand will hopefully give us a great laid back lifestyle, one is which we can spend even more time together as a little family.

Obviously I’m, a bit worried and a little bit scared of the future, but I know the Lord will provide.

Keep your eyes on this blog as we give you updates on how well all our belongings are selling, the new tenants, hopefully the final sale of our property, the progress of our visa’s, the healthy pregnancy (like tomorrow’s sonar), and of course our big going away party.