Sunday, February 17, 2008

17 February 2008

We’ve just arrived back from a weekend at the Bonkhostspruit Dam. It was great.
Yesterday was Chloe’s 3rd birthday. Melissa’s sister, Natasja’s daughter. I slept late on Saturday because I stayed out really late on Friday. At about one o clock we went to the Spar in Cullinan to buy meat and snacks for the dam.

My father in law, Johan and he’s girlfriend, Michele were there as well as Alex, Natasja’s husbands’ parents, Andre and Isa. We sat around, had a chat and then a boat ride. So much fun and very relaxing. We braaid very late and had dinner at around 9.30. I went straight to bed at 10pm.

Got up at 8am this morning after a rather sleepless night. Jon-Phoenix had a bad night and my mattress had a terrible squeak! Melissa was a great mother, but we lost his dummy and had to look for it at 2am until I found it.

Had a spin on the motorboat with Alex this morning. Doing 83km per hour on the water feels amazing. It was my first time ever on a speedboat.

After a fantastic brunch Melissa went for a boat trip with the rest of the fam and left Jon-Phoenix with me to have a nap.I probably slept for about 20 minutes and he started crying. Luckily I could catch up on the nap when Melissa came back. We headed home at about 4pm and decided to go visit Oupa Jopie in Kleinfontein. It was great, he is really sharp for an 85 year old.

Got home at about 6.45 and unpacked Melissa’s car. Then went to see if John cleaned the rondawel on Saturday. He didn’t. I quickly found out as I walked through a wall of cobwebs. I’m still itchy!

Now I’m writing my first blog in many months on Melissa’s instruction.

We are planning to move to Australia (or even America) in 2008 and it’s all very exciting – we only need to sell the plot, then we can skedaddle!

Over and out
Dad Daniel


On the boat
Sucking mom's arm yum-yum!!

With oupa Johan
With dad
With Oupie Jopie

Jon-Phoenix(14 weeks) and Oupie Jopie Fourie (85)

Monday, February 11, 2008

A day in the life of Jon-Phoenix

Jon-Phoenix day 91.

This morning started of very happy, Jon-Phoenix had a nice long chat with dad about Australia – he is just getting cuter and cuter by the day!!!

We then went to my dad’s house (I had to bake a cake for his cousin Chloe’s 3rd birthday). While baking the cake I asked Elsie to please just carry him around for a bit on her back – He LOVED it!!!! Fell asleep about 20 minutes later!!!


With cousin Kaelin....


We then put him and his cousin Luke (7 weeks old) next to each other. You HAVE to see this for yourself!! There was some serious baby-conversation going on there!!! So Adorable!!!

He also got these funky shoes from Schalk and Tania today!!!


The day ended with his dad reading him a bible story before bedtime.

Oupa Jan and Yia-Yia will be here in about 3 weeks YAY!!! We can’t Wait!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Video test

Jon-Phoenix almost 13 weeks old