Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Breakfast in bed...

Let me begin this post by thanking Daniel for being such a good dad (and husband).
Father's day started early for me (Melissa), Phoenix was up at 6, and I took him upstairs to the TV room so his dad could sleep in. We made Daniel a father's day card, and I baked fresh cheese muffins for breakfast (from scratch!). We then served Daniel breakfast in bed. I also banned my husband from doing any work, and he was not allowed near the computer. He had to REALLY take the day off and relax, and he did. I'll post some father's day pics at the bottom of this post.

Other Grey news.

Phoenix is getting cuter and cuter by the day! He loves reading, and looking through books, and if I ask him to point out objects (like a lemon, or dog ect.) he does so perfectly. He sings along with some of his fav. TV shows - he doesn't sing the words, but he mimics the way it sounds. And he LOVES music and dancing. If he is in the mood for a snack he often goes to the fridge and take out an apple for himself. Or if he wants chips he'll call me and then point to what he wants.

Our little boy also got his first time-out yesterday. He wanted something he couldn't get and then cried for it, NON STOP. So I gave him time-out after numerous warning. It worked GREAT! He got up once, but I put him back in his time-out spot, and he sat there for the rest of the minute. Afterwards he behaved like a dream! (I have to say Daniel and I were both amazed, we did not think it would work)
He also eats all by himself, and if I offer to feed him he says "nee nee nee" (nee =no).

I have been sick most of last week, and not being able to take any meds. (because of the pregnancy) made it SO much worse! My wonderful husband pampered me, and did EVERYTHING (taking care of Phoenix, making sure we have supper, and clean the house, AND all that after a hard day of work) for 3 days! Oh my gosh I LOVE DANIEL! I was back on my feet yesterday, just on time for father's day.

With our moving plans, well, all is going according to plan. We are busy selling all our belongings, and that is going great. We might have to move our flight date forward about two weeks, as the paper work on SA side is taking a bit longer than we expected (Police clearance takes 6-8 weeks, and we only handed Daniel's request in last week) We only need about 4 more documents, then we can send in our Visa request, and according to NZ immigration, it should take about 4 weeks for me and Phoenix's Visa's to come through once we send in the forms.

Well, that is all for now.

Here are some Father's day photo's as mentioned before:

Home-baked cheese muffins

Happy Father's Day dad

Breakfast in bed

Some honey for Phoenix

Phoenix LOVED my muffins!

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Anonymous said...

Incredible, ag jitte, ek moet nou meer as ooit met julle in kontak hou. Julle verbaas my ALTYD. Alles is mooi wat ek sien Julle 3(4eintlik) maar ek kan nog nie vir die nuwe klein greytjie sien nie hahah.

Ek is MAL oor julle blog, het dit nou toevallig op ma se computer raakgeloop. Julle maak my so trots as Oom Meyer. ek kan nie wag om saam met Pheonix te rock 'n roll nie, ek hoor hy hou so baie van musiek-"that's the spirit!"

Anyway ek moet gaan slaap maar ek kon nie rus voor ek nie hello sê nie. Ek mis julle so baie, en ek is seker dis vice versa.

Ag heng wat gaan ek doen met al hierdie opgewondenheid? = Vir julle kom kuier in NZ, dis wat... heehehe lekker Meyer!

Daniel en Melis! Julle het nie die vaagste benul hoe baie ek julle admire nie, ek dink ongelooflik baie oor julle, en hoe flippen cool julle uitgedraai het. Dit maak my regtig bly. Ek wys my vriende julle fotos en 'brag' te lekker oor daai filmster/rockstar nefie.

So lief vir julle, en gaan absoluut vrêk as ek julle sien in Sept/November.

My recording was 'n bietjie postponed maar ek continue volgende week met die vox(vocals), bass, Sax, Synth en trumpet sections. Dit klink flippen cool sover, ek kan nie glo dis MY liedjie nie..Uiteindelik hou ek van my eie tunes. Daar is so baie liedjies wat ek compose het maar nooit meer tevrede was nie, maar nou like ek alles wat ek skryf, woohoo!

My rol as director word al hoe meer solied en ek begin nou naam maak in Byron Bay as die enigste 'high Quality' music video director/screenwriter.

ok, zzzzz ek raak nou vaak, baaai Melis, Daniel en Pheonix en ou klein 'ekhetnognienaamnie' lekker dag,

Meyer, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz