Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jon-Phoenix is here!!!!!!

So I was suppose to go for my C-section on Tuesday 13 November. Well, our little man decided that 12 November would be a better date for him! (Avoiding all the Friday the 13th birthdays to come - Dad is VERY happy about this!!!)

About 7:30am Monday morning (12 Nov.) I started getting cramps, I thought it was probably labor, but decided to just time them without telling Daniel, thus avoiding a rush to hospital, just to be sent home because of false labor..... They were about 15 mins. Apart, and was accompanied by heavy sweating, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. about 45 mins later Daniel came to check on me and I told him something is not right, I think I'm in labor but I am REALLY feeling bad, I don't know what's going on. He phoned the dr. and they told us to come in immediately.
Daniel was SOOOO excited!!! You could just see it on his face!!! He had that look you get when you really really want something, and someone gives you a present, and you just KNOW in your heart of hearts that the box you're about to open is that something that you wanted!!!

I did pack the baby's bag the previous night, naively thinking that I would have a WHOLE day before my c-section to pack my bag, SOO My sweet sweet husband started frantically packing all HIS t-shirts in a bag for me!! He of course was more worried and excited, and scared than I was, I mean I would have been all those things if I was not in so much pain, I just did not have the time to think of all my other emotions!!

We got in the car, hospital bag and all and started our 30-minute drive to the hospital.

About 10 minutes into the drive Daniel asked me: "Aren't you having anymore contractions?
Me: "Yes, I'm having them all the time" (I'm not really the screaming type, so every time I have a contraction I would just silently try to breathe through them)
Daniel: "But you HAVE to tell me when you have them, I'm part of this too!!!!!!"
So I did, they were 7 mins. apart by now. I specifically remember the weather that day, I don't know why, it was the most beautiful, sunny summer's morning I have seen in YEARS!!!

By the time we got to the dr. I was still convinced that they were going to send me home, even though my contractions were about 5 mins. apart. The Dr. ran some tests and it was confirmed that I had Pre-eclampsia. I was 4 CM dilated, and they decided to do an emergency c-section half an hour later.

Jon-Phoenix Grey was born screaming on 12 November at 11:45am, 2.75KG, and 47cm long!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
The pediatrician was taking a video for us, and Daniel was taking photos. He was so overwhelmed when he first saw his son, that he was unable to take a picture (the dr. was holding our baby up so that Daniel could take a pic.) We all had to encourage him to do it, he just said, "I can't" It was so sweet!!! We did get a pic eventually!!!"

He has a head full of brown hair, and is such a relaxed and easy baby (so far)

We prayed so much for a healthy baby, and God has blessed us with one!!

Thank you God for our healthy baby!!!!


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